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This weekend is the official release of our new bottling of North American Steamship Rye™ as a three-year-old straight single malt rye whiskey, initially available at our Speakeasy cocktail bar and Retail Shop. Handmade in our distillery from the 100% rye malt that was used for the “Early Release” versions of this whiskey, but aged in a full-size (53 gallon) new char-one oak barrel for three years. While the younger (6-12 months) “Early Release” versions were the first craft single malt rye whiskey made in Illinois, and the next release (2 years old) was the first Illinois straight single malt rye whiskey, this is the oldest version released to date. The retail price will remain $56 for a 750ml bottle of 87 proof whiskey. It will be available through our distributor and retailers next month.