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Announcing the official release for distribution of the 3-year-old version of Laughton Bros.™ Illinois straight bourbon whiskey. This release is the newest, yet oldest, version of our artisanal straight bourbon whiskey, Laughton Bros.™

This release has just been awarded a silver medal at 2018 Distilled: Spirit and Cocktail Competition at the San Diego County Fair. Judging was held February 17-18.

This 3-year-old version of Laughton Bros.™ Illinois straight bourbon whiskey is handmade in our distillery from a 84% corn mash bill that is also used for the earlier version of this whiskey, as well as our “baby” Bourbon Spring® and our corn whiskies: Water Tower White Lightning™ unaged corn whiskey, Salt Creek straight corn whiskey, and Water Tower on Fire™ cinnamon flavored whiskey. This version of Laughton Bros.™ was aged in a full-size (53 gallon) new char-3 oak barrel for three years and bottled at 91 proof. This is our oldest bourbon whiskey released to date. The retail price at the distillery will remain $56 for a 750ml bottle of 91 proof whiskey.

We celebrated the release of 3-year-old Laughton Bros.™ at The Outta Space in Berwyn on Friday 3/23 at their music event featuring Lonesome Still with Them Guilty Aces.