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In response to the new epidemic guidelines, we are preparing to open our bar for cocktail service starting in late July. To that end, we are making changes to our scheduling of the tour/tastings:
1) single group tours will now be changed to allow two groups participating at the same time, so another group may be joining your tour if you have fewer than 6 people in your group.
2) we will be eliminating tours on Fridays.
3) we will be moving the Saturday tour from 4pm to 1pm, so that the tasting will be able to finish before the cocktail bar opens for full drink service that day.
4) we will be adding tours on Sundays.
We will continue to offer tours on Wednesdays as we do now, and cocktail classes on Thursdays and Sundays, but not on Saturdays. The cocktail bar will be open for full drink service on Fridays and Saturdays. At least initially, to be sure of service, we will be requiring reservations for the cocktail bar, to prevent overcrowding.