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Announcing the official re-release on Friday 7th December of Golden Prairie™ Straight Single Malt Whiskey at our Speakeasy. Born out of the legacy of Chicago’s original craft brewery, Golden Prairie Brewing Company, come meet the original brewer and distiller, Ted Furman, at the distillery on Friday 4-5pm, before the Riverside Holiday Stroll. Golden Prairie™ is made with the grain bill of Ted’s flagship beer, Golden Prairie™ Ale. Finest two row malted barley, caramel, and roasted specialty malts are mashed, lautered, then fermented off the grain at Argus Brewery. Then it is distilled twice and aged two years in a new American charred oak barrel by us, creating complex flavors and a silky smooth mouth feel. Only available in our Speakeasy and Retail Shop, and only a dozen cases available. $30 for 375ml at 44% alc by vol.