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3 new bottlings of QSD Rum! Batch No. 14 (45% abv, 750mL, $36 + tax) has that nice Jamaican-style funk like batches No’s. 1 and 7. Batch No. 13 had a cleaner flavor, so we decided to bottle it as a 151 proof (75.5% abv, 375mL, $36 + tax). And our first release of a barrel aged rum (45% abv, 375ml, $30 + tax), from batches No’s. 2 and 3 that went into a 5 gallon oak cask to age for one year. Only available at the distillery Retail Shop (open Wed, Fri 4-7pm, Sat 2-5pm). Must be 21+ years old to purchase. These bottlings have only a few cases each.

Our rum is made from the fermentation of sweet dark molasses. It is single distilled in our copper pot still with 4 plates. We are striving for a flavor profile akin to Jamaican-style rums, with pungent aromas and full mouth feel from a longer fermentation.