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We have released our first bottling of Water Tower on Fire™, a cinnamon flavored whiskey based on our Water Tower White Lightning™ unaged corn whiskey. Initially available in 750ml bottled at 90 proof (45% alc by vol), it is a true whiskey flavored with cinnamon directly extracted for cinnamon sticks and no sugar added. We use 4 varieties of cinnamon, but predominately use “true” or Ceylonese cinnamon, Cinnamomum verum, with small amounts of Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Chinese cinnamons (or cassia). The name refers to Riverside’s landmark water tower, which burned down on New Year’s Eve 1912, and the label shows a photograph of the smoldering remains of the tower after the fire at the start of 1913. Available immediately in our Speakeasy and Retail Shop, and soon to be distributed by Burke Beverage in Illinois.